I'm Angela Hartley, a licensed midwife and birth doula based in Santa Cruz, California. I also offer post partum doula services and placenta encapsulation.

I care deeply about the well being of birthgivers, and the families and communities they are a part of creating. I believe the experiences families have as they are birthing their babies are hugely formative for everyone involved and deserve to be held and supported with great care and love.

My background is in cultural anthropology and social justice activism. I've travelled, lived unconventionally in many ways, and always with an eye on ways to affect positive change in myself and the world.

I believe that we all ultimately know what's best for us, for our families, our bodies and our lives. I enjoy offering my support to people in the important rite of passage of pregnancy and birth as a living testament to this idea.

The first birth I attended was my nephew's in 2008 and I had never seen someone so in their power as that birth-giver was. It was a great lesson in what was possible and I felt inspired to begin my path as a birthworker.

I did my doula training at Twin Lakes College of the Healing Arts in 2009. I became certified and started attending births both as a doula in the hospital, as a midwife's assistant at home, and took whatever classes I could including Elizabeth Davis' "Heart and Hands" and Whapio Dianne Bartlett's "Holistic Midwifery" courses.

I've worked as a child-caregiver and birth doula for several years while doing my coursework to become a midwife. I enrolled in the National Midwifery institute in 2012 where I trained with home birth midwives and graduated in 2016. I became a CPM (Certified Professional Midwife) in 2017 after passing the NARM (North American Registry of Midwives) exam and received my license to practice midwifery in California in 2018.

I'd love to talk to you about how I can support your birthing experience:

Angela Hartley